Don't Let the Light Blind You

Control the light entering your home with a window shade installation in Galt, Elk Grove, CA and the greater Sacramento and Bay area.

Is the sun hitting your family room in a way that affects your TV watching or workplace productivity? When you don't have shades in your home or office, intruding sunlight can be a real nuisance.

Luckily, a window shade installation could solve all of your problems. With 20+ years of experience, Blinds ETC excels at providing quality window shade installation and repair services in the Galt and Elk Grove, CA area. Whether your shades are damaged and need to be repaired or you need new shades altogether, you can count on our family owned and operated company to do the job.

Contact us today to discuss your window shade installation options in Galt and Elk Grove, CA and the greater Sacramento and Bay area.

Get rid of your old shades

Window shade repair and installations are a worthwhile investment. You may not realize it, but you're affected by your windows on a daily basis.

If you're sick of....

  • Your kids waking up when the sun rises
  • Neighbors peering into your windows
  • Your cats hiding behind cheap blinds
  • Inefficient light-blocking shades
  • Old, unsightly window coverings
  • Worn-down, half-torn shades

....then it's time to schedule window shade repair or window shade installation services. Blinds ETC works with a number of manufacturers so you can choose from a variety of different shade designs.

Call today to start enjoying a top-quality window shade installation in the Galt and Elk Grove, CA area and the greater Sacramento and Bay area.